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Urologic Surgery



    The department of urologic surgery is well-experienced in the at treatment of urologic diseases including BPH, urinary tract infection, phimosis, prostatic cancer, renal tumors and urothelial tumors. We also provide prostatic cancer screening, endoscopic exam and surgery, urodynamic study, Foley care and urinary incontinence education. Our doctors are all well-trained at veterans general hospital medical centers. In our department, all patients receive professional, warm, and high quality healthy care.

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    1. Common Urologic Problems in OPD And Health Care Education.
    2. Examinations of Cystoscoy, Ureteroscoy, Nephroscopy.
    3. Endoscopic Biopsy or Surgery.
    4. Urodynamic Study.
    5. Treatment of BPH, Phimosis, Urinary Tract Infection.
    6. Screening of Prostatic Cancer.
    7. Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostatic Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Other Urothelial Tumors, and Renal Tumors.
    8. Hormone Therapy of Prostatic Cancer.
    9. Ileostomy Care Education.
    10. Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence, and Infertility.
    11. Urolithaisis ( Renal Stones, Ureteral Stones, Vesical Stones )
      Tubal Ligation or Reanastomosis.

    Other Information

    Medical knowledge evolves and progresses day by day. To stay in line with medical advancements, our doctors receive on-the-job training at teaching hospitals to keep up with the latest and hottest techniques and knowledge so we can stay competitive and provide the best health care to our patients.


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