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    All of our attending physicians are well-experienced in pediatrics medical service and sub-specialty. Dr. Wang Ruay-Shyang is the attending physician in charge of general pediatrics, child infection and allergy-immunity. Dr. Pan Chieh-Hui is the attending physician in charge of pediatrics, preventive care of babies and infants, pediatric chest medicine, child allergy and asthma, and care for the critically ill. 
    Besides the medical education, all doctors will continue to undertake advanced studies to provide the best medical care to children in southern areas of Taiwan.


    Our Doctors

    * Dr. Chieh-Hui Pan
    * Dr. Ruay-Shyang Wang
    * Dr. Hsu Sheng-Kai



    Treatment of pediatric allergy asthma, pediatric infection, immunization, baby vaccination program, and chest cavity disease.


    Contact Us

    * Tel: 886-6-312-5101 ext 2306