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      The orthopaedic department has been established for decades and provides excellent quality of care to patients with orthopaedic problems including fractures, degenerative disease, osteoporosis related disease, sports injury, spine surgery, joint prosthesis replacement and so on.
      The doctors are able to serve the patients on an outpatient basis and at our wards in the hospital.
      Our hospital is one of the best hospitals in orthopaedic care in Tainan area.


    senile hip fracture, traumatic fracture , pediatric fracture. Joint prosthesis replacement--knee , hip , shoulder and elbow joint
    【Sports injury】
    anterior cruciate and posterior cruciate ligament injury, meniscus tear, Shoulder pain, elbow injury.
    【Rheumatoid arthritis】
    related problems treatments. Trauma care - wound care and further rehabilitation.
    【Low back pain】
    acute and chronic back pain diagnosis and treatment, herniated disc, sciatica , sprain and strain.
    【Shoulder problems】
    frozen shoulder, rotator cuff problems, internal impingement.
    de quervain disease, trigger finger, tennis elbow.
    【Spine surgery】
    spinal stenosis, HIVD.
    prevention and further treatment.
    【Nerve compression】
    median and ulnar nerve entrapment.
    【Degenerative joint disease】
    osteoarthritis of knee , shoulder and hip.
    【Hand injury】
    trauma , fracture, replantation

    Other information

      To catch up with the rapid progress of orthopaedic techniques, our doctors take short term courses to learn the latest knowledge and surgical techniques, such as arthroscopic guide knee cruciate ligament replacement, mini incision joint replacement and cement augmentation for osteoporotic compression fracture with significant clinical success.


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    * Out-patient department (OPD):+886 6 3125101ext 61111 or 61110 or 61323 

        If you have further questions, please contact our Out-Patient Department (OPD).

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