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    Department of radiology plays a second-line role for patient-care in our hospital. We use not only X-ray but also sonography as a tool for imaging diagnosis, so in some hospitals we are called department of medial imaging. Besides imaging diagnosis from routine X-ray exams, we have special contrast exams such as MRI, CT scans, mammography and sonography. We also provide varieties of interventional procedures for patients referred from first-line physician, including sono-guided biopsy/pigtail drainage and fluoroscopy-guided biliary drainage and nephrostomy. To improve our service, increase patient’s convenience, and protect our environment, we have set up full-scale picture and archiving communication system (PACS). We continuously refines our exams and procedure skills in order to provide harmonic and high-quality services to our patients.

    Our staffs

    Two radiologists
    9 radiological technicians
    1 administrative assistant


    Routine X-ray machine
    16-slice CT scan (GE)
    Mammography (GE)
    Color-doppler sonography (GE)
    DXA (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometer, Hologic)
    Computed radiography (CR) (Konica)
    Full-scale PACS (Smartwonder)


    Routine X-ray exam-whole body
    Whole body CT scans-head, neck, chest, abdomen, spine, extremities
    Whole body MRI-head, neck, abdomen, spine, extremities
    Special exam- myelography, arthrography, IVP
    Sonographic exam-abdomen, scortum, breast, thyroid, musculoskeletal
    computed mammography
    DXA-spine, hip, whole body, body component (fat, BMC, lean body mass)
    Interventional radiology-sonoguided pigtail drainage of abscess/ascites/pleural effusion, sonoguided aspiration/core biopsy for tumors/chest tapping, PCN, PCNL, PTGBD


    Our Doctors

    * Dr. Chen, Chien-Ta, MD   and  Dr. Chang, En-Fan, MD