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    The GI Section mainly treats the gastr.the gastrointestinal . hepatobiliary . and pancreatic disease.
    we make much effort in the treatment & follow up chrome hepatitis B & C and cirrhosis. and in the endoscope procedures such as endoscope hemostas. PEG. and polypectomy we also have much experence in the management of common GI disorders such as GERO & peptic ulcer disease and achieve high H.pylori eradication rate.

    Our Doctors

    Doctor, Digestion Internal Medicine Society
    * Dr. Chang Shiuh-Nan


    Outpatient service for digestive diseases: diagnosis, health education and consultation.
    Endoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy,colonoscopy, ERCP, abdominal sonography,endoscopic hemostasis,foreign body removal,poly pexcision, removal of bile duct stone , follow-up of chronic hepatitis B or C.


    Contact Us

    * Director Chai Kuoliang: 886-6-312-5101 ext 2306
    * Go kuangchung doctor: 886-6-312-5101 ext 2303
    * Tsai Tzung-Jiun: 886-6-312-5101 ext 2203
    * Email: Kokuang@ms82.url.com.tw
    * Cha: 0260@mail.vhyk.gov.tw