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Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Tainan Branch's Pic

Our hospital was established in July, 1957. Under the name of “Taiwan Provincial Yongkang Veterans Hospital.” The hospital was  first administered by the Taiwan Provincial Department of Public Health and later on transferred under the to Veterans Affairs Commission, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. in 1958. The primary mission of the hospital was to provide veterans in Tainan area with health care and services. At the inception of the hospital, we had only three departments: medical, surgical and nursing.to care for veterans who suffered from chronic disease. In 1990, the hospital was expanded into a general hospital  to provide veterans and their families with medical services for acute severe and chronic diseases, and offer diagnostic and therapeutic services to the general public. In the same year our hospital was included in to the Phase 2 Reconstruction of National Medical Network by the Department of Health (DOH), Executive Yuan. During the reconstruction, we joined the ranks of NHI-contracted medical care institutions in 1995 and extended the hospital services to the public the reconstruction was completed in 1997, we had eight hundred acute and chronic beds. Owing to the joint efforts  of hospital personnel past and present,the hospital is able to reach the present-day scale.

Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Tainan Branch's Pic

The objectives of Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Tainan Branch: warm, fine, and high quality community hospital.:

  1. Warm-Making patients feel comfortable like home when they come to consult  our doctor.
  2. Fine-Providing patients with thoughtful, attentive and professional medical service.
  3. High quality community hospital-Strengthening community medical services and establishing warm and cordial relationship with neighborhood communities; developing the hospital into a high quality and professional community hospital.


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