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Cardiovasular Surgery

    Dr. Lin, Yu-Hsin' Pic

    Dr. Lin, Yu-Hsin

    * Curriculum Vitae
    1. Graduated from Medical School, National Yang-Ming University
    2. Chief Resident of Surgical Department, General Veterans Hospital- Kaohsiung
    3. Chief Resident and Fellowship of Cardiovascular Section, Surgical Department, General Veterans Hospital, Kaohsiung
    4. Attending Physician of Surgery, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Tainan Branch
    5. Specialist of Surgery
    1. Vascular access for hemodialysis, including primary atrio-venous fistula, forearm or upper arm graft anastomosis, permanent dialysis catheter implantation.
    2. Varicose vein: local excision, radio-frequency ablation surgery.
    3. Peripheral arterial occlusive disease.
    4. Specialist consultation for common cardiovascular disease, and disease of great vessels.
    5. Specialist consultation for post open heart surgery follow-up