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    ●Doctor of Medicine, Taipei medial University,
       Taipei Taiwan
    ●Master of science, physical therapy, National
      Chengkung university, Tainan, Taiwan
    ●Doctoral Degree, Allied Health Sciences, National
      Chengkung university, Tainan, Taiwan


    ●Deputy secretary general, Taiwan arthroscopy
      and knee society
    ●Chief Resident, Department of orthopedic,
      National cheng-kung university hospital, Tainan,
    ●Physician of orthopedic, Chang-Hua Showchuan
      memorial hospital
    ●Physician of orthopedics, Sin-lau presbyterian
      hospital, Tainan, Taiwan
    ●Director of ward, Sin-lau presbyterian hospital,
      Tainan, Taiwan


    ●Specialist in Orthopedics
    ●Specialist in Hand surgery
    ●Specialist in Osteoporosis


    ●Sports medicine
    ●Arthroscopic surgery
      (knee, shoulder, ankle, hip, wrist)
    ●ligament reconstruction/repair
    ●Regenerative medicine (PRP/prolotherapy)
    ●​Arthroplasty surgery
    ●Orthopedic trauma
    ●General orthopedics