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    Po-Jung Chu


    Department of Medicine, NDMC, Taiwan


    ●Attending Physician of Taoyuan Armed
      Forces General Hospital
    ●Attending Physician of Ping-Tung Golden
      Orthopedic Hospital

    Senior Consultant of National Health
      Insurance Administration

    Orthopedic specialist
    Hand Surgery Specialist
    Member, Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society
    Member, Taiwan Arthroscopy and Knee Society
    Member, Taiwan Society for Surgery of the Hand
    Member, Taiwan Shoulder and Elbow Society


    Instructor of Ministry of Education


    ●Knee arthroplasty
    ●Hip arthroplasty
    ●mini-invasive arthroscopic surgery
    ●Hand and wrist Surgery
    ●Thumb basal joint instability
    ●Sports Medicine
    ●ACL Reconstruction
    ●Rotator Cuff Repair
    ●Baseball Injuries
    ●Football Injuries
    ●Knee Meniscus Repair
    ●Orthopedic trauma